Jumpstart your technology assessment and product selection process with independent, research and advisory services. For more than 15 years, I’ve picked and probed at IT products, uncovering the business value of their features and technologies. Gain an independent. insider’s view of the market so you see through the hype and identify the products and strategies right for your organization.


Differentiate from the competition and give your sales teams the tools they need to win. I marry marketing expertise with experience in enterprise IT to help you out-position, out-message and outsell the competition. Services include competitive positioning, SWOT analysis, content management, social media management, campaign management, blogging, and much, much more.



With more than 15 years of experience in journalism, I understand great content. Reports, blogs, and newsletters  – all mix attitude with technical and business insight. If you are looking for someone to develop an editorial calendar, run a content team, or need a writer who “gets it,” ping me. I bring the content and design expertise to take any project from concept to production.


David is an outstanding content creator. He was not just a prolific content generator during his time at Silver Peak: David would constantly be interacting with the field personnel to solicit feedback and hone his messages to hit the most critical points that needed to be conveyed.

Scott Stanney,

Senior Systems Engineer, Silver Peak Systems

David’s works are remarkable for several reasons. He is able to research and write about technical topics in a very detailed manner which truly teaches you about the topic and he is able to connect the technical issue to the broader business issues that confront us.

Stuart Berman,

Business Technologist, Steelcase Inc.

Just a quick thanks.  Your copy landed not one, but two new clients in the auto industry!

Steve Garson

President, SD-WAN Experts

I’ve known David for several years, and our paths cross at industry events. His writing and insights have always been strong, and I’ve always considered David one of the best informed people covering telecom and tech.

Jon Arnold

VoIP and IP Communications Analyst, J Arnold and Associates

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